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need help...god of war freezing :(
i play GOW 1&2 and the game freezing when mpeg movie, how can i fix that???please help me...
this the SS
[Image: gow1.png]
[Image: gow2crash.png]

problem solved

0.9.7 awesome...finaly i got best config with 0.9.7 gow run almost 95-100% in the game...
thx for the creator n all who involved in this project..this is great emu....

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Use 0.9.7 beta
[Image: newsig.jpg]
thats what i will said too.. cause i see in the screen shot hes still using older version...
thx for the advice
but the game runing very slow when i use 0.9.7
my rig is low end this is my rig

AMD X2 Dual-Core 5200+ 2.7 Ghz
HD 3650 512MB

i can't find best setting with 0.9.7

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