need help on configuring setting smt digital devil saga
ok i have the latest pcsx2
now i use cdgigahetz which mean boot from cd

after i boot up come playstation 2 logo and after that nthg happen
fps drop to 1.21 smthg like that and what i can do is nthg

can someone help? thanks

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If running an ISO file: Dismount the ISO from any program like daemon tools etc. Then CDVD->Choose ISO, then ISO selector->Browse, find your ISO and System->Boot CD/DVD (fast)
If running from a DVD disc: CDVD set to "Plugin", Config->Plugin/BIOS selector->On CDVD choose Gigaherz CDVD->Configure it and choose your proper DVDrom drive letter and finally System->Boot CD/DVD (fast)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
k ive done that and start playing

after continuous story and walking/saving game when i wanna go outside the pcsx2 stop working
anyone know how to solve?
Are you using the latest PCSX2 0.9.7 beta? Set GSdx as GS plugin and SPU2-X as SPU2 plugin if you haven't already. Make sure all speed hacks are OFF, E and VU settings are at default. Also try checking the Gamefix called "EE timing hack" (ONLY for this game)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
pcsx2 already stop working....
do you want me to upload ss of my settings?
What do you mean "stop working"? Does it crash? Does it freeze? Where exactly does it happen? Do you get any kind of error in the console?
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sorry for late reply the forum was down at my time now back up

here is the file you might wanna look

edit oh well this forum attachment hate me....... =/

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Looks like a bad image of the game and/or scratched DVD disc. Use imgburn and try recreating your ISO file.
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