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need help pls pcsx2 and ffx problem
so i downloaded a ffx rom played till in the "home" area save point just down the hall of the locked chest i go into the other room for the cut scene before 2 3 headed dog things and guda atk us this part goes all fine but after that when we go down the stairs for the nxt cut scene when the ligthing flashes usually wakka glitches out(liek goes semi invisisble/all messed up) and i get "pcsx2.exe stopped working" if wakka doesn't glitch out usually kimahri does some wrong directional walk and glitches through us and it crashes or lulu glitches on the stairs. i managed to get by this scene ONCE but than in the nxt room when bethelo is talking it just crashes there anyway.

so what im wondering is if its a pcsx problem or my game. and if u know any fixes. ive already tried messing with graphic and cpu settings nothing helps the highest rate of passing that scene chance seems to be with pregame loader running(witch does abso9lutly nothing to my fps witch is at avg 47% at that glitchy scene) my normal graphic settings and just watch it without touching anything

so i thought id try to test if its the game or not by loading this other copy i dl'd but this ffx copy doesnt want to load the memcard sav file from the old one? any ideas how i can load that to test it?

any serious help will be greatly appreciated ive tried like 10000000x sucks that it stopped working at a good part Sad

p.s if u guys want i can probably record it and upload it for u to see

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(09-12-2011, 05:52 PM)sem069 Wrote: so i downloaded a ffx rom

read the rules 1st
that is really a big problem on downloaded game getting 100% sure "pcsx2.exe stopped working" and un-natural syntax error.
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(09-12-2011, 05:58 PM)tallbender Wrote: read the rules 1st
that is really a big problem on downloaded game getting 100% sure "pcsx2.exe stopped working" and un-natural syntax error.

i did read the rules and i see no problem with my post? doesn't say u cant ask for help on downloaded games just cant ask where to get them unless i missed something

but what i dont get is why its only glitching at this part when i had cut scenes earlier that went down to like 39% speed unless like i think its just a problem with the iso/game but cant test cuz my other copy doesn't think my memcards exist

The rules explicitly state you will not get support for pirated/illegal material. That said, thread closed.
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