need help plz
hi there, im rly new to all this .. but did everything correct ..

did all like it is said in the guide .. (the configuration)

now my problem is that in the game (devil kings) the max i get is about 15 fps..

why? anybody got a hint?


win vista 32bit
amd turion x64, 1,8ghz (dual core)
4gb ram

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Only way to speed this game up is by checking denormals are zero option in advanced,under vurecs.The game is extremely CPU demanding,I'm getting about 40-50 fps with a 3,6 Ghz Core 2 Duo which is WAY faster than yours Wink
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alright then .. thank you ..

alrdy tried in nearly every config ..

think then its coz of cpu ..
mh .. does anybody know a game for ps2 which is like devil kings? a hit´n´run with big bunch of enemies at one time? or better does anyone know such a game for pc?
Well Devil Kings is based off the Dynasty Warriors / Samurai Warriors games.There is also the Warriors Orochi series which just gets characters from both of the above series.
There are some PC versions of the Dynasty Warriors games Wink
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woohooo .. well then .. i´m going to get dynasty warriors then .. thanks a lot! Wink

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