need help, potentielly stupid question
ok so i gave a shot at making this work, not quite sure where im wrong or if my cpu just cant handle it

so i tried various game, even just booting the ps2 bios itself woont work
tried diff gpu plugins as well, some give me a memory write error, in other instances pcsx2 will just shutdown be4 i can even see anythin on the output window

i suspect my piece of crap computer to be the problem, figuring out maybeh my cpu, as im trying ti run this on

AMD athlon XP+3000+
geforce 7800gs
1g ram ddr 333mhz
anybody knows how to fix this, or can confirm that lens dead ps2 really is dead since my pc potentially cant run this?

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Hmm I think that processor of yours does not support SSE2 which is a must to get PCSX2 to run..the gfx card is fairly good for the emulator but the processor won't get you far I'm afraid.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Athlon XP has only support for SSE instructions.

If you want a SSE2 processor it's necessary another motherboard, since yours (Socket A) does not support SSE2 processors (like Athlon 64).
aight thx 4 the info Smile
i guess it'll have to wait a few months till i get a new comp n make a oversized paperweight with this pieceocrap
anyways thanks for enlightning me Smile

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