need help!!! with bios transfur
i was looking at the troubleshoot guide and cant figure out how to trancfer the bios to my computer from the ps2... i am not real computer knowligabel as far as software and dont know what "exploit files" is... also my computer is telling me that memoryexploit.rar file is not working when i open it(System.IO.FileFormatException: File contains corrupted data.

I am using a slim ps2 so i thought i would try the other way that was mentioned with but my computer is say its an unkown file type or it is damaged when i try opening it

i need help or suggestions on fixing the problem or if theres another way to tranfer it...

my set up:
playstation 2 slim
windows xp media center
pentiom 4 3.00gh
3 gig ram: 2 800mh 1 600 mh
256mb nividia 7300 graphics card

please help!!

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memoryexploit.rar file is fine. Re-download it and use winrar or something similar.
Can your playstation2 play back homebrew? Do you have a modchip in it, or have some other means to start software on it?
If you don't know, or you know you don't have any of that, then you cannot get the BIOS from your ps2.

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