need help with codes
I'm trying to get the below two codes to work with a game, but I have no idea what to do with them to get it working. I changed the lines starting with 20xxx to 00xxx as suggested but both of these codes till freezes up my game. I used maxconvert071 to covert it from pro action replay to raw. I think it's just that I'm missing something so I need a dummy guide and possibly the values to use for the below codes.

***ADD I can't get any of the multiline codes to work to be honest.

0C155A44 1456BC0C
1CA3AF44 1456E7A5
0C155A44 14566C0C
1CA3AF44 0496E7A4

1CA3AF70 1456D7BA
0C155A44 1456C10C
1CA3AF74 B9D4CF41
0C155A44 1456710C
1CA3AF74 99D4CF41

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Sorry if this looks like a bump but it isn't. I thought adding these information might help?

I also forgot that I am adding these to a .pnatch file I made for this game.
These are the raw values I got
D082D91C 0000EBFF
20342C1C 00000000
D082D91C 0000BBFF
20342C1C 10400007

Code #2
20342C48 0000102D
D082D91C 0000EEFF
20342C4C A78218A4
D082D91C 0000BEFF
20342C4C 878218A4
Uhm wait, how are you setting the patches in the pnach file? As far as I know the codes that make a certain combination of buttons to trigger are not friendly with pcsx2 but i could be wrong.
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I'm just notepad and puts in the .pnatch folder. I also enable it from the menu.
Ok, can you show the content of the .pnach?
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
I deleted those codes because it freezes PCSX2, but it looks like other pnatch files
gametitle= GensoSuikodenV
patch=1,xxxxxxxx,word,xxxxxxx or something like that

The file name is correct because //SkipMovie and //Money code worked. I also tried 0 at the beginning instead of 1

Is there any Pro Action Replay discs that will work with PCSX2 to game? This might fix the issue but I don't know which one's will boot.

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