need help with settings
i used to have 1.1.0 but it ran glitchy.

I just downloaded the latest version of this software (1.4.0) and started running it.  it runs much better however it still has issues.  backgrounds don't load all the way till character is on edge of surface, sound clips and cuts in and out..ect.

I was wondering if there is anybody that can help me narrow down the settings to smooth this out.


alienware m18
intel i7 3.1 ghz
32gb ram
nvidia gtx 880 (x2) 8gb ram each
dual ssd

any recommendations?

every setting i change drastic effect on emulation

can't quite find a good balance to get it to run right and i dont know enough about the ps2 to make educated guesses


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you never said which game you're talking about ?
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RAM : 16 Go
First: PCSX2 handle settings in a per game basis, so what you think works for one game, most likely won't work with the other games.
Second: PCSX2 1.4.0, although a stable version, is very outdated. You might want to get the latest Dev build.
Third: What OS are you running...Windows(#)x(32/64)?
Fourth: You also have to make sure you have the latest GPU drivers installed, as well as Dx drivers, VC++2015 Redist is a must (If you got the installer version of 1.4.0 it does it automatically)
Fifth: Once you are completely setup you can read this thread: "" to give you a general idea on how to configure PCSX2. You can also wiki your game to get a general idea on how to configure your Game.
sixth: Remember, This is an Emulator, its not perfect by any means, It will crash, glitch, freeze, corrupt...and all of those annoying little warning things, since its still in constant development. You will be able to run games, but some will give trouble or not run at all.

Hope this lets you get started, Good luck to you.

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