need more comfortable fix fo BEMANI series(I'm japanese)
The English I speak may be a little strange, but hear me out. The latest version of PCSX2 has some improvements that are needed to play some games comfortably, so we're here to tell you.

Functions required for the latest version of PCSX2
●When you try to play "Drummania" such as "Guitarfreaks & Drummania Masterpiece Silver"(but unless the original Drummania game in 2000), the game always needs to use controller port 1, so deleting the controller setting on the 1P side is inconvenient. Therefore, It need a function that can exchange the controller key configuration on the 1P side and the 2P side.
● If you try to connect the "Pop'n Music" series "Pop'n Controller 2" via a USB conversion adapter, the part of  display of the controller may not be correct due to the specifications. To solve this problem, you need to reverse the button operation in the key config. (In other words, we need to be able to select a setting where the input signal enters when the keyboard is not pressed and the input signal does not enter when the keyboard is pressed.)
Is it possible to update these features? I don't think many people play bemani games through PCSX2, but please.  Unsure

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Quote:My English may be a little strange, but please listen. There are some improvements that are necessary to play some games comfortably in the latest version of PCSX2, which I will explain here.

Features required for the latest version of PCSX2:

When trying to play "guitarfreaks" in games such as "Guitarfreaks & Drummania Masterpiece Silver," the game always needs to use controller port 1, so it is inconvenient to delete the controller settings for player 1. Therefore, a function is needed to exchange the controller key configuration between player 1 and player 2.

When trying to connect the "Pop'n Controller 2" for the "Pop'n Music" series via a USB converter adapter, the controller display may not be correct due to specifications. To solve this problem, it is necessary to reverse the button operation in the key configuration (i.e., to be able to select a setting where input signals are received when the keyboard is not pressed and input signals are not received when the keyboard is pressed).

Is it possible to update these functions? There may not be many people who play Bemani games, but please consider this request.
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(03-29-2023, 01:41 PM)refraction Wrote: Translation:

oh,sorry. I already edited the sentences and you can read it English.
Apologies if this Japanese is not very good, I am using ChatGPT to translate. For "guitarfreaks" what you could do is make controller profiles in the "nightly" version of PCSX2, it will need you to go in to the "Game Properties" and swap them over still, but I don't have a better solution right now.

As for "pop'n controller 2" can you further explain what the problem is exactly?

もしこの日本語があまり上手くなくて申し訳ありません。ChatGPTを使って翻訳しています。 "Guitarfreaks"については、「nightly」バージョンのPCSX2でコントローラープロファイルを作成することができます。それでも、「Game Properties」に入って交換する必要がありますが、現時点で私にはより良い解決策がありません。

「Pop'n Controller 2」に関しては、具体的にどのような問題があるのか詳しく説明していただけますか?
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(03-29-2023, 01:46 PM)屈折 Wrote: この日本語がうまくない場合は申し訳ありませんが、ChatGPT を使用して翻訳しています。「ギターフリークス」の場合、PCSX2 の「ナイトリー」バージョンでコントローラー プロファイルを作成することができます。「ゲーム プロパティ」に移動して、それらを交換する必要がありますが、これ以上の解決策はありません。今。

「pop'n controller 2」については、正確に何が問題なのか詳しく説明してもらえますか?もしこの


。 、具体的にどのような問題があるのか詳しく説明していただけますか?

Drumania の一部ps2作品では、2番目のコントローラーポートから操作ができないため、一番目と二番目のコントローラーのkey configを切り替えることができる機能をPCSX2の最新版に追加してほしいです。

(03-29-2023, 01:49 PM)hayamar_x Wrote: すみません。一部間違っていた箇所も訂正したため、編集した一番最初の文章を読み直してください。
Drumania の一部ps2作品では、2番目のコントローラーポートから操作ができないため、一番目と二番目のコントローラーのkey configを切り替えることができる機能をPCSX2の最新版に追加してほしいです。

(当然ですが、最新版とはnightly versionのことです。)
(In English: what I wanna say)
Some Drumania ps2 titles cannot be operated from the second controller port, so I would like the latest version of PCSX2 to add the ability to switch the all of key config settings of the two controllers about 1P and 2P.

Also, this is not a problem only when using Pop'n Controller 2, but in the old version of PCSX2 you can invert the input of the controller, but in the current nightly version, it is not possible, so please fix it is.
In other words, I would like you to introduce a setting that treats the input as "0" when the keyboard is pressed and "1" when the keyboard is not pressed.
Just to clear this up. With Drumania, do you need to use both the controller and the peripheral at the same time both in port 1? and so you need to be able to swap the two over when you go in to the game, am I correct in this assumption? if you only need to swap it over for this game so the port 2 setup is in port 1, you can do a controller profile for that game and map the controls to port 1, then assign that controller profile to that one game in the game properties under settings, so you don't need to remap it in your global controller settings.

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In some games of "Drummania", even if you change the controller profile on the game, if the controller on the side that actually want to operate is connected to the 2P port on the setting screen on PCSX2, the operation on the 2P side will not work. It is a specification. Therefore, if you don't connect the controller for "Drummania" to port 1, you can't play "Drummania" with the correct controller on "masterpiece silver".
This doesn't happen with "GuitarFreaks" in "masterpiece silver", but with "Drummania" you can only connect up to one drum controller. Therefore, on the PCSX2 settings screen, I currently set the key config of the normal controller used for anything other than "Drummania" to port 1, and the key config of the controller dedicated to "Drummania" to port 2. However, in order for "Drummania" to correctly recognize the controller and play, it is currently not possible to exchange the key config setting itself connected to port 2 to port 1 on PCSX2.

Can you make sense of this description? I'm sorry, but if you don't understand, please ask the question again.
Okay let me ask this further question, I am still trying to understand what the problem is, so I can come up with a solution on how to solve it. Is there any reason you cannot map the drumania controller to port 1? What is stopping you doing this?

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As I said earlier, the reason why you can't connect the controller used for "Drummania" on port 2 is "in-game specifications".
The ps2 version of "GuitarFreaks & Drummania" has a function called "Session" that allows two people to play by connecting controllers to ports 1 and 2, respectively. Only 2 controllers for "GuitarFreaks" , or 1 "GuitarFreaks" controller and 1 "Drummania" controller are possible, and it is impossible to connect two "Drummania" controllers in a session in-game. Before that, it would be impossible for a rock band to have two drummers, right? Therefore, even if a "Drummania" controller is connected to the 2 port, the game has taken countermeasures so that even if you try to press the "Drummania" item on the title screen, you will not be able to press it.

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