need some advice
Hello, I'm new here asking some advice on what vc should i buy im choosing between 9600gt or 9800gt.

my current spec is

athlon64 x2 3.1g
2gb ram

i managed to play Kingdom hearts on this spec same with ff x not until mihen road specially when fighting chocobo eater it slows to 50% >.<.

I'm looking for good card with less power consumption since my dad always scold me when our electric bill goes up. and this are the ones i can afford.

thank you in advance and sorry for my bad grammar.

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better tell us your budget so we can look better.

ofc 9800gt is better but maybe a newer card is better than those 2 (like an ati hd 5xxx)
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First of all, make sure you have a good PSU (Power Supply Unit). 8500 GT did not consume much power, but newer cards will. And a good efficient PSU always helps in low electricity bills. An ATI 5670 will be enough for your needs, it consumes less power, and its better than 9600 GT. 9800 GT, though better, is an overkill for PCSX2 and consumes more power. Its your CPU that matters most when it comes to PCSX2.
thank you for replying.

My budget is around 90$-100$.
9600gt is around 90-92$
9800gt 95-100$ ( dunno the exact conversion from my currency )

my psu is a 500watts thermaltake lite, I also considering on buying a new system but I dont have enough savings yet so thats why im trying to buy a new card 1st then save up again for a new pc.
From personal experience I can advise you to go for the better video card your budget affords and even beyond if at all possible.
Probably a Nvidia 250 or ATI 5770 are inside that budget and so be a better choice, but all them will be good.

Notice that 9600GT and 9800GT are near in performance but is a special case, the 8600 would be a bad choice and the 8500 from the first post should absolutely be put aside as a gaming card.
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(09-02-2010, 12:21 PM)shytype Wrote: My budget is around 90$-100$ cheaper.

You can get a GTS 250 for that much and it's much better than 9600/9800.
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yup go for 250.. its a new model rather than the 9 series.. or if you can afford ati.. go for ati.. and btw.. your cpu is a bit weak.. you can change it to more updated amd or u have an option of overclocking it..

Athlon 64 x2s are horrible at overclocking from my experience.
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If you don't need the new GPU right now, then I suggest you wait untill AMD releases 6k series. This will bring down the 5k series prices, if you want a very good power / performance GPU, and also bring down the NVIDIA prices even further, if its the GT9*** that you really want.
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6k series isn't set to release till the spring of next year if AMD's "blueprint" for their chipsets is still going to be followed.

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