need some help
i3 2310m (2.10GHz)
Nvidia Geforce gt540m

hey guys i have some questions regarding the emulator
i was able to run persona 3, persona 4 using Pcsx2 0.9.8 and there was no problem at all FPS was like 60 most of the time, but when i try SMT nocturne,SMT digital devil saga 1, 2 it was lagging so much especially in the battle and area with a lot of people..

so is there somethin wrong with my laptop?or maybe my settings for the pcsx2 wasn't that good?

thx alot


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The only wrong thing about your laptop is the fact it's a laptop. Every game on pcsx2 have different requirements and you cannot really play all games on full speed on such laptop. At least you have luck for it to be intel icore cpu + nvidia gpu, which is best mix for pcsx2.

Generally to give you idea what's causing a slowdown, take a look at EE/GS% at the top of the window which displays the game you play. If it's lagging/slow notice how high those % are. If any of it reaches 100% your bottleneck is cpu, use speedhacks or presets in emulation settings to potentially gain speed then. If none of it hits 100%, your bottleneck is usually gpu, decreasing internal res in gsdx config can help you then unless you're already playing at native.

You can read the official guide if you need more info about speedhacks or something. Recommended ones are pretty safe to use while the slider ones can give a speedup as well as a slowdown and potentially ruin the synchronization, animation or other stuff.
aaah okay thx a lot for the info i think the problem is with my gpu, i just found it weird that persona 4 i think has better graphics compare to the DDS but had no problem playing it. Anyway i will experiment some settings here with the speedhack haha i guess i really need to buy desktop after all

thx again

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