need some ideas
i bin trying and trying to get PCSX2 to work with: final fantasy X-2
but can never get it right Blush

so i would like to ask if any of you can get me some ideas on how to set my setting in Final fantasy X-2?

here you can see my specs:    

any ideas will be good to try

my main problem is the sound, it keeps lagging/echoing Sad

hope you can give me some ideas on how to set my sittings Biggrin

thanks for looking and if you can help thanks a bunch

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If the sound is lagging/echoing, that means the game isnt running at full speed. Timestretch in SPU2-X will do its best to smooth things out, but its not always perfect. You could try upping the latency a little too, see if that helps.

what sort of FPS are you getting?
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

about 35-40 FPS
upping the latency dont help Sad
Don't remember what effect that option have on that game(on some games is really good)but try changing the Synchronizing mode to Async from SPU2-X and see if there is any difference.
sorry to say but still the same effect around 35-41 FPS

here are the sound setting i use:    
Well for a start, turn the interpolation down, it says "ps2 like/slow" for a reason Tongue
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(08-09-2012, 01:35 PM)Bluewolf Wrote: sorry to say but still the same effect around 35-41 FPS

The point of that option is not FPS gain.
It suppose(on games that actually work)to give you the sound speed like you actually have 50/60fps but you have lower/higher speed speed.

It's like ignoring the game speed and tries to run the sound at the game normal speed(50\60 depending on the region)
ok it work a little better now.
only problem there is left is the echo
each time they speak or music there is echo
anything i can do about that?
Try switching interpolation modes or\and try enabling Disable Effect Processing
If nothing works,then that's how it's going to work when you don't have full speed
kk will do

thx for the advices xD

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