new beta slows down games
first off all, the latest beta changes the picture greatly, the graphics are just amazing...
but it makes games that were runing at 95-100fps no to run at 50 at points where there are alot of movement
just wondering , is there anything i could change to rise the fps without losing the great graphics ?

P.S. just want to add that visuals are fixed in alot of games like FF7 cerberus or something like that GoW 2 and ratchet and clank 2 ... well and others i presume
so the visuals are great but gameplay is a bit slow, still its a very big achievement in my opinion =))

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The only thing that you can do is using speed hack.The other thing is normal...fixing bug,making pcsx2 work more like real PS2...that slows the speed down(for example there was a bug long time ago with KH1 and I had more than 300fps on my PC but the game was crashing/freezing a lot)
Most likely a dilemma gotta confront with, more brilliant graphics with less speed, or decent graphics with more speed.
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Latest beta do you mean of PCSX2? Or of the graphics plugin? Either way check and see when you're playing the game if the window says CPU 99%. If so, then it's your graphics card that's causing slowdowns. If you're using an ATi card, you may want to experiment with different driver versions (Catalyst 9.5 is supposed to be good) or use an older version of gsdx (1398 is generally considered the fastest version for ATi cards)

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