new cheat problem
hi have another cheat trouble some cheats do not work even if I put them in the raw format I transmuted 've tried a and omni convert , I noticed that at some codes below the game id changes now I do not know how to find out which work and what you can not have someone there to help please

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please post the contents of your pnach file.
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gametitle=BOF DQ
// Mastercode
// infinite zenny
// Dragon
It's because patch = 0 that they won't work, they basically run once when the game starts and not continuously like you would expect in order for them to have any effect ingame.

Also the mastercode is useless, get rid of it. Same with the "commen=" line.
I had already tried but with patch = 1 and it had not worked and what do you mean with the master code is useless
and play with others it has also worked with patch = 0
Master/Enable codes are only necessary on the actual PS2. With PCSX2 it's not needed.

Try these. (I set the D-Counter codes to disabled, so if you want to enable one, just remove the '/' in front of patch=1. Only use one at a time for the D-Counter codes)

gametitle=Breath of Fire V - Dragon Quest [SLUS 20344] (U) [5207CCA3]
comment=Patch by Ryudo

// Max Zenny

// Infinite Item Usage

// D-Counter Always 0.00%

// D-Counter Always 99.99%

// D-Counter never goes above 99.00%
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okay it worked but I still have a question you can actually also the Codebreaker cheat cd iso or other use would be much more simple times have seen a few tutorials 've already tried that but it does not happen , unfortunately,

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