new settings help

can u please check my setting and tell me what i need to change so i can get more fps

on my old setting i can only get 20-30fps on ffx and 20-25fps on disgea
now on the new one. 30-36fps on ffx 30-36fps and on disgea its 30fps

[Image: th_newsettingCPU.jpg]

[Image: th_newsettingadvancedopt.jpg]

[Image: th_newsettinggraphics.jpg]

[Image: th_newsettingsounds.jpg]

[Image: th_newsettingspeedhack.jpg]

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it's almost the top FPS you could get on you slow CPU. Also you could upgrade to the latest version and use new speedhacks, it's give a 5-6 FPS to you.
what is your GPU? (graphics card)
my gpu is 4650hd 512mb
you have a low CPU, so it's best you run games at lower-than-native resolutions. (512 or lower)

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