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I was thinking, since people like myself like to come onto this site and ask about "what processor is best for me," I'm thinking a dedicated thread for that topic should be made. Although you can easily just ask in the chatter box. But I think its a good idea.

What do you guys think?

Something like this:


then at this point maybe

1 -CHOOSING A DESKTOP/-->then someome makes a thread like this:

Thread subject--> What should I get?

Your Message: I want a good desktop that is good for rendering. What processor should I choose?

2 - CHOOSING A LAPTOP/-->then someone makes a thread like this:

Thread subject--> gt 330m

Your message: is the gt 330m good enough for watching 1080p and what model is it based on?

anyway, you get the idea (and don't answer those questions).
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This is enough, no need for extra clutter.
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