new to pcsx2 how do i do this?
so i was using the emulator and my graphics is great but my cpu..ive got a phenom 2.1 triple core, i know it isnt strong enough for the emulator considering its a power hogger from the cpu but how can i set my cpu to concentrate mainly or only on this emulater so that i can play fine with like god of war and resident evil 4, any way to do this?? and can i set it to fullscreen??

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Well I can tell you resi 4[PAL] shall work as I have it running 100% fps most of the time dipping to 85% at a very intense moment. (This is with 1.8Ghz dual core)

However to do this you need to speed hack it to hell and use native resolution, set clamping to none and I think the superVU [legacy] helps too. Happy

If you want to run faster and look a lot better then a stronger clock will be needed, I'd guess something like 2.5-2.7Ghz for Resident Evil 4

I don't have god of war so sorry.Mellow

Edit: Also I don't have any experiance of athlon Amd phenomy kind of processors for I've heard that for the same clock Intel is better so for resi 4 on a phenom you may need 0.3Ghz more or something.
There's RE4 for pc man

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