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new to ps2 emulation...epsxe user w/ questions
I'm new to psx2 emulation as mentioned in the title as well as more rec gen system emulators as well.

First and foremost, psx2 runs swimmingly on my computer and performance couldn't be any better.

Seeing as how I'm more familiar with emulation of older systems pre PS2 (psx,n64,snes,etc) I've become familiar with a specific feature on the emulators called frame skipping.

I noticed that pcsx2 has options for adjusting frame skipping, but it does not work the way I'm use to. In fact, I'm not really sure if it's working at all.

Even though the games i've played run at speeds comparable to my PS2, I use frameskipping to get by tedious parts of the game. I usually set a frame limit to 500FPS and I'll burst it on and off.

Now here's my problem...
Being that the PS2 is such a recent console in comparison to all the other consoles i've played via emulation and used the feature with, is the PS2 too advanced for me to achieve this? Basically I lose myself in the CPU Config, not exactly sure where I would put "500" and what options to click as oppose to say my psx emulator where all I have to do is go into the video configuration and insert my FPS Limit. The speed hacks seem to be more for performance for those who are running older machines, but it does boost my "normal" fps(about an extra 60FPS). Obviously still far away from my ideal 500...

So is it possible? ?? If not, maybe in the near future?

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1)PCSX2 isn't hard to configure. If you don't know how just follow guides.
2)PCSX2 needs very high-end PC and preferably strongest dualcore you can get so don't expect any VERY HIGH FPS
3)Yes frameskipping isn't working as other emus. I heard from devs it's way too much hard to make it less skippy etc. thats why it has so much options
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(06-10-2009, 03:58 PM)Nokiaman Wrote: 3)Yes frameskipping isn't working as other emus. I heard from devs it's way too much hard to make it less skippy etc. thats why it has so much options

if it "skippy" as in obscures the graphics but runs at the designated frame rate I think that should be implemented in a build. If i'm gonna speed through part of the game chances are i/you/everyone can careless what's on the screen. Though your etc implies dozens of other variables that could be keeping them from including a glitchy frame skip.
They've been trying to get the emulator to run at playable speeds and have compatibility for the most games before worrying about options that let you speed through parts of games.

And yes, PS2 is too advanced right now to emulate things in the way you want. It's much more complex than the older systems.
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