new to the pcsx2 scene
well here it goes! ive been using emulators for bout a year or two and found out that they are really amazing! playing nintendo games and sega games i thought in my head was amazing but playing a playstation 2 game?

besides my little introduction there i was wondering if, there was a way i could speed the emulation up completly? like in zsnes you can program your keyboard to speed up the game very simply to have over 20x the normal speed, well i was wondering since i can run ffx perfectly at 60 fps or w/e well sometime it'll jump to 120 or 140fps and well i was wondering if i could have the game run at 120 or 140 all the time... would it be possible to have the game set at 120 fps at all times or just speed it up whenever you want by pushing a button?


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Press the tab key to turn off frame limit. Press it again to restore frame limit. I believe that's what you're looking for.
[Image: 2748844.png]
yes! i like it, so to make sure i understand: when i push tab it makes the emulator speed up because my processor is cabable of producing such speed right? so if i had an even faster processor the fps would go even faster?
Yes, it would.
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ohhhhhh thats so cool! thanx bunches you two

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