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new with this program need help
hi everyone . im new with this program i just downloaded it and very slow motion. ive looked on internet for setting and still doesnt work. i saw you need a pretty good computer to run it but i dont have much knowledge on computers. so here is my laptop spec

amd phenom 2 n850 triple core processor 2.20 ghz
4.00 go ram
hewlett packard

ty in advance for the answer and sorry if i didnt post in the right place i didnt know where to put it.

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What GPU do you have?

Also your CPU has a very low single threaded performance rating of 740 (i believe the recommended is over double that) so you will not be able to play many games smoothly at all.

As it is a triple core, the MTVU speedhack may help you somewhat.
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thx for the answer. where i can see the gpu? i dont know much about computer Laugh
if you press the windows key (the one next to Alt) and "R" at the same time then type "dxdiag" in the box and hit OK. once the program opens if you go to the "Display" tab it should say in there
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ATI mobility radeon hd 4200 series is it possible its this? sorry my computer is in french and speak mostly french too Laugh
thx for the help
That's the thing. I believe that's a bit too weak for PCSX2? Don't go over native resolution and allow 8 bit textures, that could help. Eventually try frameskipping and maybe under gs hacks, skipdraw with values from 1-10 or so. I wouldn't expect much. For the CPU, try Saiki's guide, that could help.

Here's the link.
thx for the answer it send me to write a message lol
Sorry, copied the wrong link Tongue2 fixed.
im looking for his guide. works way faster but still slow and graphics problems.
I don't think there's much to help then, other than overclocking your cpu. What are the graphics issues? Which games? What are your gsdx settings?

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