newbie issues
I have a problem getting started. I configure the plugins, and then it tells me:

User-canceled plugin configuration; Plugins not loaded!

The log indicates that the configurations were initialized successfully, but when I hit okay, it tells me that the system plugins are not uploaded and the program might not be operable.

I installed in the repository, but it doesn't seem to work right either.

It doesn't give me a menu or ask me to configure the plugins. What am I doing wrong?

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Hum something it complains for no reason. Answer yes and continue. Finish to configure everythings. Apply. Restart PCSX2 it will keep you configuration. if it still yells at you, maybe you miss some dependency. In this case, can you give the full log.
Thanks for your help, but sadly, I figured everything out only to realize that my computer may be too old for this emulator. Time for a new computer. Again thanks.

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