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hey everyone, sorry if these questions are kinda dumb but im somewhat new to the ps2 emulation world. The problem i have is playing Marvel Vs Capcom 2. I load the game up by using the load cd/dvd option. the game starts up fine. i notice thta the audio sounds a bit slow. So i press start to continue. And then i come to the character selection screen. It gets choppy here. Im getting 60fps then it jumps down to 38 fps. and it goes up and down continiously. So i continue and choose my characters and when the match starts up i notice its still a bit slow and choppy and that the characters look a bit blocky. looks like someone cut the character and pieced it together. So i searched the forums to try to find the answer and tried a couple different option in speed hacks and graphics option. but still nothing. Anyone have a solution to my problem? here are my comp specs

Windows Xp pro
2GB ram
2.4ghz Intel Core 2 quad
NVidia GeForce 8800 GTS
I have 2 Hard Drives, Primary is 300gb and secondary is 500GB

heres my setup for ps2x (hope this is all the info u guys need)

Resolution - Windowed
Renderer - Direct3d
Shader - Pixel shader 3.0 (i had it on 2.0 and read that i sould put it to 3.0) still no difference on either option
Enable paletized textures - unchecked
linear teture filtereing - unchecked
Disinterlaice - checked
enable tv-out - unchecked
enable nloop hack - checked

Interlopation - 0-nearest
disable effects processing - checked
enable debug option - uncehcked
Output settings
Module - 1 - xaudio 2 (recomended
disable time-stretching - checked
disable audio expansion - checked
use a winamp dsp plugin - unchecked

Speed Hacks
Use x1.5 Cycle rate is checked
intc sync hacks - checked
enable iopx2 cycle rate - checked
wait cycles sync hack - checked

EE Recs Options
Round mode - Chop/zero
clamp mode - normal
flush to zero - unchecked
Denormals are zero - checked
VU Recs Options
Round mode - chop/zero
clamp mode - normal
flush to zero - unchecked
denormals are zero - checked

WELL thats everthing i can think of. please let me know if theres any other info u guys need to help me out. thanks in advance Laugh


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get the latest public beta of pcsx2. use gsdx-ssse3 and set it to "native". run the game as an iso image with linuziso as your cdvd plugin. try the "vu cycle stealing" speed hack. no idea how demanding this game is and your cpu is a bit slow for most ps2 games, so don't expect too much.
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Ok so i did all that and when i go to load it through iso option is says "error opening cdvd plugin". and also when i click configure an error screen pops up saying "this application has failed to start because the d3dx_41.dll was not found. re-installing the application may fix this problem" and then it opens the configuration screen. any solution to that? or just ignore it?
You did a ISO of the game? I suggest you use the ImgBurn app to make the ISO.

About the dll file missing I suggest you use the directx web installer from here:
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ok il dl the web installer. but i dled a copy of the game and its in iso format. what i was doing when id run it cd/dvd i mounted the img to a virtual drive. but since i was told now to run it as iso i got that problem. il try what you suggested also though. thanks Laugh

EDIT - I have the actually ISO of the game. and when i click File>run iso img. i get that error saying it cant open cdvd
Uh ok, as our rules state we dont support piracy dont expect any more help with your game. Check our rules next time.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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