newbie sound question
hi all,

my PS2 just recently broke down and because its an american import( i live in europe) i couldnt be arsed to get a new one so i checked on the internet for a possible emulator and i found this one.

I follow the guide and succesfully managed to run shadow hearts covenent and suikoden 3. i get for both games an avarage fps of 40-50 so thats good enough to play them, the only thing that kinda bothers me is that sometimes the sound plays kinda slower then it normaly should, not laggy, just slower. i got np with the intro of shadow hearts were the sound is perfectly synchronised but when im playing the sound is playing a bit slower sometimes while my fps hasnt dopped at all. I got the same problem with suikoden 3 but there i got the problem even at the intro.

my question is, what's causing this and is it possible for me to kinda fix or at least reduce it to the minimum, tried to change my settings a bit but im afraid im not familiar enough with this software yet.

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If you're not getting full speed,the sound will also play slow. In SPU2-X try checking disable timestreching. Although that will probably introduce pops and glitches which will be even more annoying..
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