no matter what I try it crashes
I really have no idea where to start. I am pretty savvy when it comes to this stuff. But every time I try to load it, it crashes. I have a great computer with a i7 processor and a gtx270co-op running win7 64bit... any thoughts what I could be doing wrong.. oh and I did follow the tutorial. Also every time I try to configure a option once I go back in they are set back to default.

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which pcsx2 u r using??
do u configured it corectly????
Thats the weird part.. When I go to the step by step configure I do it all right but it doesnt save the settings... aka when I click back on it the settings stayed the same as when it boots...
Run through the configure guide again to make sure it's all set correctly.

If that doesn't fix it, post your plugins and cpu config along with what game and any messages printed to the console window.

e: if it isn't saving the settings, run PCSX2 as administrator. Usually it's because you are running PCSX2 from the normal Program Files/PCSX2 directory, and you as a a normal user do not have write access there.
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very strange.............try using new beta version pcsx2 r1888.........
check into the console of pcsx2
now i feel like a moron.. I guess i am not used to win7 yet.. I do love win7 though.. it wasn't running under admin which screwed everything up.. It runs flawlessly right now... I'll post back later if it is giving me any problems thanks dude!
Ahahah, it's called a 'learning process'; everyone's stupid at first. Tongue2

If you installed PCSX2 in the Program Files directory, you always have to run as admin.
Otherwise, settings won't be saved and game saves won't work (memory card file being inaccessible).
You might want to copy the whole pcsx2 folder and place it somewhere else; My Documents works just fine.
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