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I have been trying to figure the pcsx2 out for a couple of days now and i got it to where i get sound but i get no picture, any suggestions?

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We need your full system specs
emulator configuration, plugin configuration, photo's of your girlfriend in her underwear and a photo of you standing next to darth vader
Intel Pentium Dual-Core CPU 2.80 GHz
Intel GMA 3100 integrated graphics
Windows 7

Using PCSX2 1.0.0
Pad: Lilypad
CDVD: gigaherz
Everything is on default besides i disable speedhacks
screenshots of the plugin settings are required anyway. especially gsdx

you wouldn't believe how often we get no video help requests and it turns out they are using the gsdx null renderer or gsnull or something like that.

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and your gsdx config, however i can bet this is because you are using an onboard intel graphics card which historicly dont work properly with the emulator.
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Yes, im guessing its more of the Intel GMA regressions :<

the HD 2000-4000 chips should be generally.... decent

However there are D3D9 precision issues in drivers predating april
Configure GSdx and set it to DirectX9 software renderer. It will be slow but you will get video too Tongue
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