no sound and a another problem
hi. first my english is'not so good. =)

my first problem is, that i have no sound. i played the game "hack infection" with sound and closed it. 2 hours later, i started the game again, but a have no sound. i don't change the config of pcsx2 0.9.6. and i don't know how to do.

the second problem is, that i want do convert the gamedate form "hack infection" in "hack mutation". but it says, that no memory card is used.but when i start the first game, my gamedatas are there.
"hack infection" is a germand game, and "hack mutaion" a english one. can be the difficult language the problem??? or do i need a programm???

P.S. i have windows 7

and sorry for my bad english =(

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Try changing the sound plugin, if using SPU2-X try changing the output module. It's possible you will need a reboot to fix it completely.

Why would you have a german game and a english sequel? They're probably just not compatible, doubt you can use that data like that.
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i changed the output by SPU2-X and tried the other sound plugins.but the problem is same.

by the german game, the pasword is wrong. and it was a little hope, that i can use the same data. i thought, its an emulator, not a the real ps2. but if i have german one, it will be run?
ok, i have found my sound problem. i updated all my plugins and change to SPU2-X 1.4.0.^^

thanks for your help

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