noob inside. can someone help me optimize my performance?
As I said in the topic title, I'm a noob when it comes to things like that, so please don't be too harsh on me for (maybe) being stupid^^

my specs (it's a Laptop, btw):
Windows 7 (64 bit)
CPU: Intel Core i5-2410M at 2.3 GHz

I used the guide to configure the plugins and for the most part, it ("it" mainly being Final Fantasy 12 IZJS) is running well
When I select "Direct 3D9" as Renderer in the GS settings, I get (harmless) graphic glitches and lower speed
When I select "Direct 3D10" instead, I get higher speed but pretty much every number in the game is either displaying the wrong value or is flickering randomly

the graphical glitches I get from 3D9 is mainly the game not displaying the top "layer" of the ground

long story short:
can someone help me either fix the graphical glitches in 3D9 mode or (preferably) the "number" glitches in 3D10 mode?

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Enable logarithmic z in D3D9 mode.
For D3D10 I'd need to see a screenshot of your problem.
^it was enabled.
disabling fixed the glitches
thank you

screwed up:
the values next to "LP" are screwed up as well as the text on the top. not very much there

screwed up:
just about every number is messed up aside from HP and MP, as well as most of the text on the right side of the screen

the japananese spots are an unrelated bug in the translation patch

in case that helps:
the wrong values for "LP" have a pattern to them.
they appear as "multiples" of 11
when the real value is between 0 and 10, 0 is displayed
when the real value is between 11 and 21, 1 is displayed
when the real value is between 22 and 32, 2 is displayed
That's an odd bug there. Can you try dx10 mode in native resolution?
I had the native resolution the whole time.
changing around doesn't do anything

I changed it from dx10 (hardware) to dx10(software) and it fixed the problem
the speed went straight to hell, of course.
oddly enough, the game itself runs still at 60 fps. I'm in a very basic area with very few NPCs and stuff to interact with, though. the fps drop below 30 when I got into the menus, though
That's very weird, clearly what's going on is that the texture coordinates / address for the first digit/letter are being used for the second, second for the third, etc. Very much worth looking into some time soon.
any new ideas?
Haven't investigated it yet. We'll probably have the D3D10 glitches fixed on SVN in the near future.
I had the same problem as you until I figured it out. You're running PCSX2 on your INTEL HD Graphics Card by default. What you should do is right-click the PSCX2 application, go to run with graphics processor, and select the Nvidia Graphics Prcoessor. Then configure the video plugin settings and have it render in Direct3D11 (Hardware). That should not only get rid of the flickering numbers but it will also give you a huge boost in performance.
that doesn't make it any less a bug in the Dx10 code Tongue2

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