noob question
Hello everyone.

First i want to say that i'm just a noob to pcsx2.
i tried several games and i can play at a decent framerate with titles like final fantasy x and automodellista.

late i tried to play gran turismo 3 and entushia and i noticed that as soon as the 3D models of cars appear in the menu, the frame rates drop from 50 (99%) to 20 (45%)

the question is:
is my pc (configuration in sign) too slow to play more complex games like GT3?
thank you
(sorry for my english Happy )

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Yes it probably is. You can always try the latest 1888 beta for some speed boost but don't expect miracles. Try using a couple of speedhacks too
[Image: newsig.jpg]
thanks for the fast response.
I'll do a couple of tests with the boost / hack.
nothing to do with gt3.
however it's absurd: automodellista runs at 60fps stable.

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