not compatible with my windows
I have windows 7 ultimate 64 bit version every time i click on pcsx2.exe it won't load cause i get a compatibility issue saying it won't work with my windows. Is there is a seperate version i need for the 64 bit version? This is the first time i'm trying the emulator cause i just got a good enough comp to maybe run it.

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It should be fully compatible.
did you right click->run as admin ?
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Definitely compatible.
Must be something weird going on with your setup or something.

What happens if you set the compatibility mode of the exe? You shouldn't need to do that though...
But eh. Try running as admin first as "jesalvein" has wrote above (pretty sure pcsx2 needs admin privileges for it to work properly).
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What exactly does the compatibility message say? You sure you got the right pcsx2 package?
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Sounds like someone downloaded the linux version.
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i got it to open now all i got to do is set it up and i'm good to go thx for the help.

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