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not using all my cpu
so im using 0.9.8 and i have a core i5, i understand that pcsx2 doesnt use all 4 cores but seeming i only have a 2.6ghz cpu the first 2 cores should be on max, but they only go about 40% of there full power even when games are lagging at like 30fps, to my understanding they should be on max, im using sse 4.1 can anyone gelp?

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What do you mean "they only go about 40%"? Where are you reading that?

What game are you trying? What PCSX2 settings? What plugin settings? What graphics card?
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im reading it by looking at system recources and watching the first 2 cpu's, it does it with all games and im using a ati radeon 6370 and directx 11 in the plugin
here you can see the game struggling at 35fps (ee hacks, no vu) and my cpu's first 2 cores are no where near max around 75% usually there lower    
First thing is set Windows Power saving feature to "performance", how you can see, EE is already using near 100% of the CPU power available to it.

PS: Anyway, better not trying to understand how windows measure turbo based CPUs actual load percentage...
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yeah its set to high performance, and i know ee says 98% but then why is my cpu (windows task manager) not running at full speed im sure if it did i might get more frames out of it
direagard this thread, i read the help guide (again) and i must have missed it the first time, it explaines it in there sorry
What is actually the max load on a turbo CPU? an useful information would be it's actual clock. By design the turbo amount depends on the average load on the cores involved in the process...

PCSX2 is not "in fact" dual thread. Although technically correct, it's more like a multitask feature where EE gets one core and GS another... the average between the two is what the turbo mechanism uses, so it will almost never see it as 100% load, the clock will not increase as could and EE will struggle with what it receives.
Imagination is where we are truly real
don't confuse threads with multicore threading optimisations.

PCSX2 contains several threads (maybe several hundred threads even), like io, video, control, gui, thread sync, etc.
Maybe would be better to call all those chips in the PS2 which PCSX2 need to emulate as "modules" instead tasks or threads, hoping to reduce possibles misunderstandings. So GS module get one core and EE and each other modules get another core.
Imagination is where we are truly real

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