notebook integrated bluetooth and DS4
I would like to ask all of those who use notebooks and thier integrated bluetooth with DS4 to give me some info of how well their integrated cards (broadcom or others) play with the DS4.
I'm talking about latency, range , connection power.
I myself use a desktop and i'm kinda discontent with my usb Asus-BT400. it's range is very small and latency makes apearence unless you are very close to it and with the controller pointed directly at it.
So instea of buying a rather expensive desktop WIFI+BT 4.0 combo pci-e card I was thinking of picking up a combo card for notebooks (plenty on ebay and also super cheap) in conjunction with a mini pci-e to pci-e adapter (also ultra cheap) so I could use it on my desktop.
Any info is apreciated. thanks in advance

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If anything, do you have a lot of radio frequency interference near the BT adapter? Where on the computer is it located? You could try getting a USB extender of some sort, long enough so that you can plug the BT adapter on your desk where it is visible.

Checking Newegg, this specific BT adapter has some poor reviews and isn't so hot, so it could be a problem. You can always try a different BT adapter. I would recommend AZio Bluetooth dongle or look around for popular options.
actualy i got it because it was recomended on threads here.
already using an extender...still discontent with range.
won't get another one on usb... don't want to keep trying my luck on my money. also this asus one is one of the few available in my country that has Broadcom chipset, wich are told that have the best DS4 compatibility.
buying a notebook bluetooth card + pci-e adapter would cost me way less.
I don't have any experience with notebook Bluetooth cards or PCI-e adapters, sorry I couldn't help, best of luck.
no problem.
i figure there are many using notebooks with ds4.
most of them must be shy Laugh
So i have test on my friend's notebook that has a Broadcom wifi bgn/bt 2.1 EDR+ combo card and the range was incredible.
don't know what chipset is exactly but i will find out.
maybe people that have newer chipset ( bt 4.0) will come forward with the results...
I'm interested, when you say incredible range, how far are we talking? I know with my Bluetooth adapter/dongle I can go more than 20ft without much issue at all. I use a 2.1+ EDR adapter/dongle
Lol...then, it's incredible just for me.
5 meters with no effect whatsoever on latency readings (1.2 ms-1.5ms) even if controller was pointed on the opposite direction than notebook.
and also we are talking about internal notebook antenas. using this card in a mini pcie to pcie adapter would give even better results as the the adapter comes with high range antenas:
Right I understand what we're talking about, I was just curious as to the range you get. Very nifty indeed.
20 ft and 5 meters are about the same. still it puzzeled me that it made no difference on latency readings going that far and also pointing the DS4 in different direction.

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