odin sphere- cant get it to work!
i wanna play Odin sphere. but somehow i just cant get it to work.
I remember 2 years ago i played it and it worked perfect. 60 fps stable and just everything was fine.
i dont remember the settings version etc. i dunno what version of pcsx i need. and whats the settings i need. plz help me.
my pc:
[email protected]
3gb RAM
8800gts 512MB
windows 7 32bit.

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Is the game booting? Is the game hanging somewhere? What exactly is it doing? What version of pcsx2 did it used to work with and which version of pcsx2 and plugins are you trying it with now?
its booting and running. butwhen i get to the gameplay itself its like 30 fps
I'm guessing you forgot to turn on some speed-hacks Settings of the emulator..

Turning those on solves alot of Frame-rate issues.
I heard, this game runs much better, if you allow the 8-bit textures in GSDX.
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turn down your scaling if it set high. sometimes i experience slowdown even with only 3x.

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