offset hack pcsx2 1.0
Hi, first I'd just like to thank the devs for this great emulator, I never owned a PS2 so now I'm enjoying some exclusives that I never experience before.

My question is regarding offset hack to get rid of the ghosting effect in SOTC. I understand that using this hack allows scaling without the said graphical glitch, but I can't find it in PCSX2 v1.0, I added Allowhack=1 to the GSdx.ini file. Any advice?

Thanks for reading

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wilch Wrote:I never owned a PS2
*Reported. You don't have a PS2 so you have nothing to do in the PCSX2 Forums. Read the Rules which says you must must legally own a PS2 to legally use pcsx2. Tongue2 You wasted my time. Sad
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^Yup, that's the way to to that.
lol but you should not have deleted the older post you made. Tongue2
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But I will never help a pirate. (so called) Even, I don't want to get a warning for helping pirates. It's against the rules and also i am not a pirate nor interested in helping other pirates.

Also, I didn't delete the post. I edited and removed that Tongue2
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yup, lol.
but i own PS2(which is dying). lol
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As said above.

Thread closed and user warned.

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