one little question
I'm just wondering if we could access PCSX2 website using mobile phones??

I already tried it using my phone with WIFI connection, but always got directed to same page written "you have been banned"..Blink

The only website I could access is the SVN page (the Orphis buildbot one)

This is not a request for new development, just a question..PLZ don't take it seriously Laugh

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i access it normally normally on mine Huh

maybe it is just IP ban mistake Tongue
Retry now
[Image: newsig.jpg]
yeay!!! I retried and it works!!!

guess my phone are weird...old SE Aino....Laugh

THX alot Bositman!!!!
Some IP address Opera Mini was using was banned on the forum, I removed it
[Image: newsig.jpg]
OK, understand

sorry for taking your time though....

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