onePad Config how to save?
[read edit]Hey there im a new user of pcsx2 I got the program running and good to go. I have an issue though, with the onepad configuration. Everytime I change the default config of the onepad to my ps4 controller and exit, when i return its back to the default config.

I've tried keys like return(enter) to see if that saves it. I also tried the modify button on the controls a hundred times. Still it returns to the same keyboard configuration.

If I could get some help on this I would really, REALLY, appreciate it.[/not the problem]

Sorry, it appears from my own images (that I didnt see from the time i took it) is that there is an OK and an APPLY button at the bottom! New problem. I can't see those buttons because it goes below my screen and i cant drag up to see it. The only reason why I could was because i took a picture of the window. If I could get help with this instead I would still REALLY REALLY appreciate it. Please refer to the 3rd screenshot to see my issue.

update:: I figured it out, I just cycled through from the buttons with tab and reached ok and blindly hit enter. sorry for this waste of a thread.

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Thanks for making this thread. Tabbing through the buttons to select the Save button worked for me. Big ups!

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