onepad and ps3 controller

I'm new to pcsx2, I have a mac mini quad core, 8gb ram, i have successfully installed everything, I can the run the game I had so wanted to play,KH2, I have mapped the joysyick to the keyboard and everything, I have only but one problem. I can't move using the y-axis left joystick. I can only move left and right using x-axis left joystick.

I have tried changing the controller settings, but every time I did this the game won't run. Not KH2, not Harvest Moon. I can only run the games when I leave the controller settings as it is. One thing i noticed in the onepad default settings was the value of the y-axis left joystick is not consistent. It should be 1+ instead of 0- I think.

Well, my only problem is I cant move forward with my left joystick, and I cannot change the controller default settings. Help?

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Is your nds3 connected by usb? Are you using the sixad daemon?
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