[onepad] [linux] Pressure-sensitive face buttons?
I've been a PCSX2 user on GNU/Linux for a while now, but recently I've started playing my first game which actually makes use of the fact that the PS2 controller face buttons (dpad and shapes) have analogue response. The game in question is Evergrace - your attack strength (and how much stamina it uses) is supposed to be linked to how hard you press the Square button.

I have a few PS3 controllers (connected either by USB or bluetooth) that are autodetected fine by onepad and mapped correctly, but unfortunately the analogue feature seems to just not work.

I noticed that onepad-legacy has a set of DS3 options, so I tried remapping my controller under that plugin and enabled them. Unfortunately, this did not help, and some of the inputs (L2 and the right analogue stick) would not map correctly.

PCSX2 1.7.0 dev - various builds from 2020.09 in the Arch repo (x64) and Archlinux CN (x32 multilib)

Is this feature still missing from linux builds and onepad, or have I missed something?
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Bump. I woul like to have this feature as well. Using pcsx2, onepad-legacy, arch.

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