onepad on linux doesnt have analog trigers (fixed)
I just created an account to only ask this.
i played metal gear solid 1 on ps1 and now i wanna play metal gear solid 2, its available on pc but it doesn't work on linux very well. since ps1 controller isnt very complicated, i played the game with keyboard, but now with mgs2 I wanna play it with ps4 controller...
also I found a steam controller configuration to make it playable with steam controller ( steam controller is also has only triggers analog ) ps: it was with lilypad
since linux version ships with "onepad" I used that to remap the controller, but triggers keys are digital, not analog...
im realy becoming crazy...
ps: lilypad is also available on linux but configuration doesnt open, dont know what to do, should I use wine to play the game?

FIX: sorry, silly me, thought I shouldnt put it on "full" in config, but it turned out I should have

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i wonder what you're actually looking for...
DS2's triggers aren't analog anyways ?

the only thing you might be looking for is the "pressure sensitive" feature.
but i don't think onpad handles this
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