onimusha dawn of dreams
is that important, i do not now.
just saying.

1,5 2325 and  before in game.
1,5 2327 and later ( to 2420) black screen.

ogl or dx, hardware mode, black screen. 
ogl or dx,  software mode, if you wait a minute capcom logo on slowmotion .

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I suspect something else has happened on your end, the only difference between 2325 and 2327 is a gamefix was added for a completely unrelated games.

Can you post your game CRC?
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What is your processor model? Some c2q not support SSE 4.1, maybe there is an issue.
Game CRC = 0xFE44479E
Maybe your older version is in a different folder and in that version the option,System=>Automatic gamefix is enabled.
Disabling it gives me black screen which is expected.

And btw,when the automatic gamefix is enabled,it applies a special fix for that game but it spams in the console really fast which is killing your fps.
To fix that,you have to disable all of the logging methods in the console(it will spam something else but not that fast to kill your fps)
1,5 2533 and later versions in game again for me.

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