online multiplay peer-to-peer
i read there's online support for online play only based on game server as described in 9 plugin download section
This plugin emulates the Ethernet part of Dev9, which enables you to play online with games that still have webservers up.

i found this old project:

why this isn't supported? seems a very good idea!
also something like ps1 (epsxe) online support seems good

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PCSX2 online wasn't maintained by us.

The reason we don't do something like that is that it's a nightmare(like that guy who made that found out). Both copies of the emulator have to be synced, a two frame difference can break everything, lag because of the internet, etc.
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dolphhin emulator (GC & Wii) has got quite stable online, probably there are very good ideas to improve alexsharoff net implementation.
they exchange more information between host and clients, not only game name and pad settings/pushed buttons!

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