opengl questions
I'm using gsdx32-SSE4-r5244 with svn build 5248 and had some questions about the opengl module.

First, why are the frame rates typically so much higher using opengl(software) than the other software modes. As an example, Steambot Chronicles was previously not considered playable because the graphics were too garbled using hardware and the software modes required the preset 'mostly harmful' to get the game up to more than single a digit fps. This in turn induced a game breaking glitch about halfway through the story which prevented it from being played to completion. Using the opengl software mode, however, it plays to completion at a near constant 60fps with no speed hacks enabled.

Second question, has anyone managed to get the opengl hardware mode to work? I talked to a couple of other pcsx2 users who've tried it and all of us so far are having the same result, which is a crash prior to the bios splash.

sorry for the verbosity and thanks in advance

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Linux or MS? Opengl don't work on MS yet, I'm surprised that you finished a games with it!!! The hardware mode is not finished on linux...

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