opening .irx files and misc.
I'm trying to play Final Fantasy XXII and have extracted all the .rar files of the game into a new folder. I then extracted the ISO image and wound up with this picture. When i try to open these files through Pcsx2, they cannot be found. I'm evidently new to this, so any run-through of the basics or any general information about this would be greatly appreciated in my quest to play this. Thanks a lot for any assistance that can be given!

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You can start by reading the rules.
You need to rip the iso from your game disc, not download it from who knows where.

Oh and you should probably read both the guide and the FAQ while you're at it.
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You can start by answering my question.
Thank you for such wonderful motherly advice. I'm glad young men like you stick up for morality in today's difficult times. But seriously. I appreciate your tireless dedication to this thread, but that doesn't help much.
You can start by... ah screw it...

Our forum does not tolerate any kind of warez talk / discussion / links and no support will be given as such.
Read our rules,specifically rule #1. Thread closed.
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