optimization of pcsx2
I tried to ask the same question in a comment of a youtube video, some time ago but I guess the "language barrier" must have kept me out Smile

So, how possible is for pcsx2 to run at 60/50 fps in normal/everyday processors in the 3.2-3.6GHz region? I almost understand the concept of emulation (1 command on real hardware = 1000+ commands in our machines). Will it ever be possible to run all these commands per second without resorting to overclocking? I mean, is there any "margin" for further optimization of pcsx2 code or we must wait for 4.0+ GHz processors to become available/accessible?


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Lots of games run on 3.2 - 3.6 ghz cpu's. Depends on Intel vs AMD (Intel's architecture at 3.6 ghz will be stronger vs AMD's architecture at 3.6ghz). Also depends on gpu, and how demanding that particular game is. Heck, even most AMD cpu's at 3.6 ghz nowadays can run 90% of games at full speed.

To add, some games, even on 4.5 ghz overclocked Intel Ivy Bridge cpu's, will not run at full speed due to problems coding the emulator for that particular game.
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Most desktop processors come in 4ghz+ variants (at least in turbo). That said, there is probably room in HLE of bios functions... It would have the benefit of decoupling PCSX2 use from a real PS2 bios as well, but it's hardly an easy task and so far anyone that's tackled it has given up (or at least gone quiet on it).

That said, requirements will likely go UP in time versus down. Both because machines are constantly getting stronger and because more accurate emulation usually comes at the cost of speed.
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