pad automatically moving??
i am using 0.9.6 now, i was able to get ingame for the first time which wasn't possible in 0.9.5!! i am talking about prince of persia two thrones, but i had to save the state as the starting movies is too long and cannot be skipped.
so i save the state in the start of the game(after movie), no whenever i resume to that state , the game seems to be automatically moving randomly, i manage to get into the game menu and the options automatically keep getting highlighted, there seems to be a problem with lilypad, so i chose ssspsx pad and the problem still continues. is this a bug??

also, the start of the game works perfectly(the movie) while the ingame gets me only 12 fps,this is natural i guess??
and i also get a sound plugin crash message on starting the game.

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most probably your save state has got corrupt.
Also your save state was made with v0.9.5 where you must be having different plugin and emulator config. not to mention a different emulator version itself. Hence you have encountered this problem.
no my state was made with this new version, i tried aking the state again and same problem, but when i reach the game after movie(not loading state) i am unable to move except for the trinagle and start button, or is the game too slow , 10fps??
You load the state too early. You need to let the game run some time to initialize the pads.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Disable vibration, and the pads stop moving automatically Laugh
thanks rama, thats it, i disabled vibration and normal!!!

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