parappa the rapper 2 not quite playable
hi, i have gotten pcsx2 1.4.0 and attempted to play parappa the rapper 2, unfortunately im suffering the problem of the button bar at the top of the screen disapearing 3/4's of the time from stage 2 onwards, making it pretty much impossible to progress through the game, have tried using Direct3d 11 and 9 hardware on GSdx which runs the game perfect but both give the same problem, i have tested the openGL hardware on GSdx and the same problem still occurs.

system specifications as follows:

Intel i7 5930K
Asus Sabertooth x99
G-Skill DDR4 @ 2400mhz
AMD R9 290 4GB Graphics card


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Try pressing F9 and see if it appears then, if not, try playing with the clamping and rounding modes for both EE and VU in the emulator settings, see if any of them help.
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