[patch] PadSSSPSX / KeyEvents
From the following bug:

(08-21-2012, 08:58 PM)Renzu Wrote: I figured it out. Thanks for the assistance.

I had to switch the controller from PadSSSPSX w/ a dualshock 3 ps3 controller to Lillypad and press pgup for it work. I guess I'll be using Lillypad from now on since it doesn't work while using PadSSSPSX.

PadSSSPSX uses Direct Input for keyboard and on keyevent it uses the MapVirtualKey function to get the VK value. But, that function ain't to be used with DInput scan codes so it returns uknown for keys like pgup. Thus, I made an array that converts the DIK codes to VK codes.

It's ugly to see that array, so I suggest hiding it away somewhere. XD
But it seem to work.

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