pcsx 0.9.6 and final fantasy x
well, i tried the newest version of the emulator, but i had a problem with final fantasy x:
with the same settings (sse4.1 plug-in,native, hardware rending, NLOOP and texture filtering enabled for video, ee/iop recompiler and TMGS enabled for speed hacks) the 0.9.5 mv version works perfectly, but the 0.9.6 normal version does not show floors, pieces of sky and many other graphics...even 0.9.5 normal version doesn't create problems, so i really don't know how to solve this

ati radeon hd 4800 series
intel core quad q9400 2.7 ghz
3 gb ram

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that's simple, use the old one then.
Using File->Run CD/DVD instead of Run->Execute should fix that in 0.9.6.
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