pcsx 0.9.7 plugin problem
Hello! Smile

This is my first time using PCSX2 on my computer (Windows Vista 32Bit)

I downloaded the latest version and try to open it, I'm stuck at the Plugin "first time configuration" window, here is the problem:

[Image: first_time_configuration-a630422218.jpg]

Can't seem to find the Pad plugin, and it'sz in the plugin folder:

I tried with an older version of the emulator, same problem, lilypad is not available.
Is it the plugin? Or my computer, or a problem of compatibility?

Do you have another "pad" plugin, so I can use my keyboard at last?

Thanks for answers ^^

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There should be 2 pad plugins included in the beta, Lilypad and SSSPSX pad plugin. Something in your computer must be preventing them from working, no idea what you could do if that's the case Tongue2
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None of them are available, I just have nothing in the "pad" section in this window Sad

(And the two plugins are in the folder, that's weird Sad )

Edit: Found it! It was DINPUT8.dll, It was corrupted, I replaced it and all is fine!

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