pcsx directx 10 vista, help me out pls..
i'm using vista sp1, so i have directx 10.
but when i configure gsdx to run direct3d 10 and i start to run the game, my screen is start to blinking several times and then "display driver igfx stopped responding and has recovered" notification ballon pop out. can anyone help me..

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looks like ur video card may be a driver problem, what card do u have? does it support dx10?
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It's an embedded something or other, I believe igfx is what Intel calls their driver.

It wouldn't work at all if it didn't support DX10, I'm gonna lean towards a driver problem.
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(05-12-2009, 09:12 AM)Mortred Wrote: looks like ur video card may be a driver problem, what card do u have? does it support dx10?

my video card is intel 965 express >.<
i have tried to run it on direct3d 9, it working but the speed sometimes become slow.
the sound plugin i'm using right now is zerospu2.

my laptop spec :
core 2 duo 1.8 ghz
4gb ram
intel 965 express chipset family

here's my pcsx2 config pic, take a look n tell me if i did something wrong with the config:
first of all, your intel 965 isnt the graphicschip, but from the type i would say its the Intel GMA X3100 Graphicchip. Intel stated itself that your chip isnt any videogamesmaterial at all. they claim that its just good enough to play games released 3 years ago. so from the look of it i would say your config is quite ok, but your problem is your graca. i had the same problem (desktop PC) till i got a new graca. now everything runs smoothly.
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n 1 more thing, why the sound often not sycn?? can any1 give me the solution??
The solution would be turning off speed hacks, but unfortunately that will end up giving you a bad frame rate, so you can either balance FPS and sound sync, or focus on FPS and deal with the out of sync sound.

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