pcsx2 0.9.6 controller
Hii all ppls out there !!!

I am using pcsx2 0.9.6 for playing svr2010 in my pc and I have no problem regarding with its speed or sound.

I am using lilypad 0.9.9 as controller plugin, the problem I have is that it supports only 2 controller (USB joystick) to be attached, but I want to play this game with my other 3 friends i.e; minimum of four controller is needed to be attached...........but lilypad 0.9.9 does not provide that much "pads". Sad

So guys if someone knows how to connect more than 2 joysticks in pcsx2, please please please let me know !!!!

Thanx in advance !!

(Sorry for my bad english)

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Try LilyPad 0.10 and using the "multi-tap" option
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